Security Theatre Podcast by the Centre for International Security is a podcast on the latest research in International Relations and Security Studies from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade!


In our first podcast, the Head of the Centre for International Security and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Dr Filip Ejdus, hosted Dr Rok Zupančič, an Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana, to discuss the research aims, preliminary findings and potential societal outcomes of the project REPASTa Horizon 2020 funded project he participates in.  

Discussing the REPAST aim to investigate how European societies deal with their troubled pasts through the analysis of conflict discourses rooted in those pasts, Rok reflected on the benefits of innovative approaches and methodologies in peace and security studies. What is the role of arts and culture in peacebuilding? How can it be researched? What are pros and cons for using social experiments in peace and security studies? What are the major ethical concerns?

Besides discussing theoretical, empirical, and methodological aspects of REPAST, Rok also talked about his experience in applying for Horizon 2020 funds and similar EU calls, as well as the possibilities for non-EU states, such as Serbia, to successfully participate in these calls.

Listen out about these and many other interesting things this remarkable scholar and dear friend from Slovenia talked about!

Rok Zupančič is an Associate Professor in Defence Studies at the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences. His main research interests are conflict prevention and  peacebuilding in Southeast Europe, in particular how anxiety psychologically, physiologically and neurobiologically affects body  minds of people in postconflict societies. He has been a principal investigator of University of Ljubljana’s research teams in two Horizon 2020 projects (IECEU –  Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention, and RePAST   Revisiting the Past, Anticipating the Future, Currently, Rok also leads the research project AnxiousPeace – Anxieties in divided cities in post-conflict societies: developing and testing innovative (experimental) approaches in peacebuilding, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency. Since 2021, Rok he has been serving as one of Lead Editors in the Journal of Regional Security Studies.


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