Centre for International Security

The Centre for International Security has been established in 2019 and is headed by Prof. Dr Filip Ejdus. The Centre has been founded as a research centre of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, to connect researchers, teachers and students interested in contemporary issues in human, national, regional and global security.

Through research projects, academic conferences, educational seminars, workshops and other forms of cooperation with research institutions from Serbia and abroad, the Center seeks to encourage greater student participation in scientific research activities and strengthen the link between teaching and research. In addition, the Center aims to strengthen the link between theory and practice through the development of analyses aimed at improving security policy and advising decision-makers from the national and international security sectors.

The Advisory Board of the Centre consists of distinguished scholars and practitioners in the field of regional security:

  1. Prof. Dr Dragan Simić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science)
  2. Prof. Dr Miroslav Hadžić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science)
  3. Prof. Dr Vesna Knežević Predić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science)
  4. Prof. Dr Nemanja Džuverović (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science)
  5. Prof. Dr Dejan Jović (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science)
  6. Prof. Dr Rok Zupančić (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Science)
  7. Dr Sonja Stojanović Gajić (Belgrade Centre for Security Studies)

The Centre also manages MSc International Security at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Science, flagship masters degree which has been supported by the OSCE Mission in Serbia. The Centre closely collaborates with higher education institutions, media and security policy research community with the goal of devising promoting cooperative and democratic strategic culture. 

The Centre is a member institution of OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions.

The Centre for International Security logo represents the Möbius Strip, a looped surface with only one side and only one edge. The strip represents the growing complexity and ambiguity of the contemporary security environment in which traditional dichotomies are increasingly being challenged, between integration and fragmentation, ordinary and extraordinary, military and civilian, domestic and international, state and non-state, hard and soft, global and local.

We got inspiration from professor Didier Bigo who was the first to use the strip as a metaphor for merging internal and external aspects of security. See: Bigo, D. (2001). “Internal and External Security(ies): The Möbius ribbon.” In Identities, Borders, Orders, 91-116. University of Minnesota Press.


Centre for International Security
Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
Jove Ilića 165
11000 Belgrade, Serbia