Alumni stories

While approximately half of them come straight from the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Science or other faculties in social science and humanities in Serbia and abroad, the other half are usually professionals from security sectors in Serbia and the Western Balkans region.

Our rich alumni network, therefore, gathers enthusiasts dealing with international security not only through academic work, but through their professional engagement in the public sector, civil society and business. Here follow the experiences of some of them.

Masamichi Koshinaga

In my opinion, this is an excellent course for those who are interested in the politics of this region, those who want to work in international organizations, and those who want to conduct qualitative research. The teachers’ lectures are very well-prepared and many opportunities are given to students for wide scopes of future careers. I am quite satisfied with this course as a whole. Personally, I have been eager to deepen my knowledge of Yugoslavia and the Western Balkans, so I actually have had a great time attending the classes. It is very rewarding to be able to ask many questions directly to teachers who are famous in their research areas, which would otherwise be only possible to know through academic works, TV, and Social Media.

Masamichi Koshinaga – (generation 2022/2023) is currently attending the program.

Katarina Popović

The Master’s program in Peace, Security, and Development at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade offers a dynamic and stimulating academic environment that allowed me to grow intellectually, emotionally and professionally. I believe the program’s curriculum is contemporary and well-designed, offering critical perspectives of the field, presenting alternative approaches and solution, while also preparing students for tackling real-world challenges. The program also provided numerous opportunities for me to get involved in extracurricular activities, such as workshops, seminars, internships, and networking events. These experiences have helped me develop valuable connections and gain practical skills that will undoubtedly be useful in my future career. Despite my initial apprehensions about switching fields from Linguistics to Political Science, the exceptionally experienced and compassionate faculty members have gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition. Nonetheless, they have helped me discover the interconnectedness of the two fields, which I am currently exploring through my thesis. Their unwavering support, coupled with their immense knowledge, has made my academic journey incredibly enriching.

Katarina Popović (generation 2022/2023) is currently attending the program.

Marko Vučković

As someone who has always been passionate about making a positive impact in the world, I can confidently say that pursuing an MA in Peace, Security and Development has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The program has equipped me with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding conflict, security, and development, and has provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively in this field. The program’s curriculum is both rigorous and thought-provoking, and the professors are experts in their fields who bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom. The coursework is engaging and challenging, and has allowed me to explore a wide range of topics, from peacebuilding and conflict resolution to humanitarian aid and international development.But what truly sets this program apart is the community of students and faculty. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest and most passionate individuals from all around the world, and the friendships and connections I have made here will stay with me for a lifetime. Overall, I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in working towards a more peaceful and just world. It has truly been a transformative experience for me, and I am excited to see where my career in peace, security, and development will take me.

Marko Vučković (generation 2022/2023) is currently attending the program.

Pavle Nedić

Master’s studies in International Security at the Faculty of Political Sciences enabled me, through interactive lectures and critical analysis of theoretical concepts, to thoroughly understand various aspects of security in the modern world. In addition, thanks to a modern approach and emphasis on the development of academic writing, I have further improved my writing style and ability to develop argumentation in my master’s studies, which is extremely important for my further academic career.

Pavle Nedić (generation 2018/2019) is a Junior Researcher at the Institute for International Politics and Economy.

Marko Mandić

Master’s program in International Security is the right choice for anyone interested in pursuing an academic career. Contemporary literature, a critical approach to international security theories, and academic writing courses have encouraged me to continue with my academic development. The knowledge gained during this program is an excellent basis for research work in doctoral studies. The program is also characterized by the exceptional dedication of the lecturers during the preparation and writing of the final master’s thesis. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the program also offers students preparation for practical work in the security sector. The multidimensional approach of the program is reflected in the guest appearances of prominent experts and professors whose work covers various aspects of this field.

Marko Mandić (Generation 2018/2019) is a Junior Researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences.

Milica Topalović

In addition to great lecturers and the opportunity to apply for various scholarships, this program provides an opportunity to develop the skills of academic writing and leading constructive debates about modern security dynamics. Students of my generation participated in the organization of the CEEISA-ISA Joint International Conference and hosted the greatest experts in international relations and security of today! Attending the International Security module has inspired me to continue my academic career and focus my interests on researching the security aspect of the phenomenon of migration and civil-military relations. 

Milica Topalović (Generation 2018/2019) is a Project Assistant at the International Organization for Migration. 

Srđan Hercigonja

Master’s studies in International Security at the Faculty of Political Sciences have enabled me to be critical of theories and concepts in the field of security and to listen to lectures from leading scientists and professionals in this field in our country.

The curriculum, as well as the choice of topics, allowed me to study and read the most relevant articles and books in this field, which follow world standards and directions, while the interdisciplinary approach to studying and learning in the field of security fits perfectly with the very valuable discussions we had during lectures and seminars.

Finally, this master’s program provided me with a great opportunity to become better acquainted with the methodologies and ways of researching issues in the field of international security (but also beyond), which is necessary for every student, regardless of whether he or she plans to professionally deal with international security and the security sector, or to continue his academic development in doctoral or other academic programs.

Srđan Hercigonja (Generation 2012/2013) is a Researcher at Belgrade Centre for Security Policy

Maja Bjeloš

Module in International Security has enabled me to develop critical thinking about human, national and international security. The studies also helped me in my career development and professional development in the field of security sector reform through work in the civil sector.

As a researcher at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in my studies in practice and actively participate in the supervision of the security sector. A great team of educated and dedicated professors, assistants and teaching associates at the Faculty of Political Science has enabled me to develop my research potential during and after graduation and become the author of numerous studies and practical policy proposals that have contributed to improve public policy in the field of defense and security in the Republic of Serbia.

Maja Bjeloš (Generation 2008/2009) is a researcher at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy

Vuk Velebit

A modern approach that follows the current literature of the world’s leading universities in this field and the practical application of theoretical concepts to contemporary events in the world makes this program not only high quality but very useful in practice. This program’s added value is that its lecturers are not only people from academia but also those who have gained their experience in international security through engagement in various organizations and institutions.

Vuk Velebit (Generation 2017/18) is a Business Development Manager at EyeSee Research

Mia Bjelogrlić

The module of International Security provided me with solid knowledge in the field of security studies, from both the theoretical aspect and the aspect of current security dynamics. In addition to great lecturers and scientists in the field of security studies and international relations, the biggest advantage of this course is its modern approach, which is reflected in unconventional ways of testing knowledge, encouraging analysis and critical thinking, as well as developing academic skills.

Mia Bjelogrlić (Generation 2018/19) is a Consultant on EU projects. 

Michael Anderson

As an international student of international security at the Faculty of Political Science, I have become a better person, researcher, leader, and global citizen. My views, based on experience in the field of tactical security, have been polished through the interaction and knowledge shared with professors and colleagues at the module, and I now have an improved ability to positively impact global security cooperation, both academically and practically.

Michael Anderson (Generation 2014/15) is a Major in the U.S. Army, Olmsted Scholarship Foundation

Jelena Džombić

MA studies in International Security at the Faculty of Political Science have enabled me, among other things, to gain new knowledge about theories and concepts needed for a better understanding of human, national, regional and global security. The interdisciplinary approach used in teaching fits perfectly with the selection of leading experts and scholars covering different aspects of this field, as well as with discussions in seminars and lectures with students who also come from different sectors. Finally, it is a great pleasure to learn from and collaborate with leading experts in this field, Prof. Dr Filip Ejdus and Dr Sonja Stojanović.  

Jelena Džombić is Education Program Coordinator, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and Research Fellow at the Center for Human Rights Studies, Columbia University

Luka Glušac

MA in International Security has enabled me to better understand the regional security dynamics and to upgrade my knowledge of security theories. This course is recognizable by the fact that it is probably the only one in this part of Europe that takes the Copenhagen School of Security as the main theoretical framework, which I consider especially valuable. The course advanced my skills through academic discussions, practical exercises and writing seminar papers, expertly led by dedicated teachers and associates, thus paving the way for my further academic and professional development 

Luka Glušac (Generation 2010/2011) is a Research Associate, Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory

Gorana Radovanović

During my studies, I had the opportunity to learn about various theories, concepts and debates in the field of security from leading scientists and professionals in this field in Serbia. I consider it a valuable experience that helped me to start dealing with security issues professionally as a researcher at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy. 

Gorana Radovanović (Generation 2007/2008) is a Program Officer, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Serbia.

Bogdan Stojanović

Apart from being designed to provide the broadest theoretical knowledge in the field of security studies, this MA module represents an adequate preparation for practical work in the field of security, whether in intelligence agencies, police, army or some other service. In my case, a master’s degree in International Security has helped me successfully develop my career in two fields, both academically through the writing of scientific articles and monographs, and in practical work relevant to national security.

 Bogdan Stojanović (Generation 2009/2010) is a CEO at Restartup Balkans.

Dijana Dimković

The MA studies of International Security have contributed, among other things, to my better understanding of the security dynamics in which the Republic of Serbia is located as a candidate for EU membership. During my studies, as a pre-examination obligation, I compiled the paper “How to (a)wait asylum in Serbia?”, with whom I won the SALUS Award at the Belgrade Security Forum in September 2015. I am currently working as a coordinator of reception centers and accommodation centers for asylum seekers in the Republic of Serbia. The topic of the master’s thesis is “The impact of the conflict in the Middle East and the migrant crisis in 2015/2016 to the security of the European Union.”

Dijana Dimković (Generation 2014/2015) is the Coordinator of the work of reception and accommodation centres for asylum seekers, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia. 

Danko Aleksić

I enrolled in the MA module in International Security in 2010. Everything that followed showed that this was a great decision. The acquired knowledge helps me immensely in understanding the political and social context of different countries and regions in which I work on the implementation of international projects. 

Danko Aleksić (generation 2010/2011) is an Expert in the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

Marina Komad

MA studies in International Security at FPN have provided me with a unique experience of acquiring not only theoretical but also practical knowledge in this field. The exceptional dedication of the lecturers is reflected primarily in the attention paid to each individual student in accordance with his or her scientific and professional affinities.

In addition to the fact that this study program follows modern academic trends in the study of international security, it provides students with additional activities and training, as well as lectures by the most eminent experts and professionals in the field. For me personally, attending this study program has had a key impact on my further academic and professional development and I recommend it to anyone who expects more from a master’s degree and the highest level of interaction and commitment from the student-professor relationship.

Marina Komad (Generation 2010/2011) is a Special Media Advisor to the former President of the Republic of Serbia and President of the Social Democratic Party (SDS) Boris Tadić.

Filip Kerčov

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to obtain the MA degree in International Security at the Faculty of Political Science. It is a program that in an objective, thorough and, above all, comprehensive way, guides students through the complexity of the field of international security, while taking into account their individual development needs and personal interests

Filip Kerčov (Generation 2013/14) is a Brand Deployment Executive, British American Tobacco.

Sanda Vučić

The line between theory and practice is thin for those who, by studying theory in the right way, have learned to apply it in practice in all its forms. This is exactly the basis and precondition of good work. This is exactly the skill that comes from a quality and targeted curriculum, which I acquired while attending a module of International Security. 

Sanda Vučić (Generation 2009/10) is an Advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior, Republic of Montenegro.

Naim Leo Beširi

Multiperspectivity, in terms of available literature, lecturers and challenging academic discussions, is a word that describes one of the few academic programs at the University of Belgrade with academic curiosity in focus. I enjoyed a professional and friendly relationship with the program conveners, while each lecture made me feel enriched by the new mechanism of reflection and self-criticism. In short, the program studies security in a modern way that equips you for a better understanding of globalized relations in the growing interactions between countries and other entities.

Naim Leo Besiri (Generation 2014/2015) is an Executive Director of the Institute for European Affairs.

Marina Tadić

Master’s studies in International Security have enabled me to deepen my interest in security sector reform and human security and encouraged me to dedicate myself professionally to research work in these areas. During the studies, it was a particular pleasure to work with great young lecturers, who tried to include current topics in the curriculum and motivate us to read contemporary literature and authors.

Marina Tadić (Generation 2010/2011) is Advisor in the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and researcher in the field of security.

Selena Kozakijević

I chose the MA in International Security in 2012 for two reasons: one is a great and diverse curriculum, and the other is an opportunity for professional networking. During my studies, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to excellent lecturers, write for the Journal of Regional Security, do an internship at the Belgrade Center for Security Policy and participate in the organization of the Belgrade Security Forum. All this contributed to my professional advancement, with the great support of professors and associates in the program. 

Selena Kozakijević (Generation 2012/2013) is a Project Manager at the Danish Refugee Council.

Sandra Jelisavčić

I attended the module of International Security in the 2014/2015 academic year, after completing my undergraduate studies in International Politics. The program was brilliantly designed to gather a diverse but selected group of people with different education backgrounds. The most interesting were the vivid discussions in the lectures which were possible thanks to working in a smaller group of about twenty people. The MA in International Security contributes to the development of analytical and writing skills through various seminar papers and practical policy proposals. Finally, after studying, you become part of a larger alumni network, which has multiple networking advantages.

Sandra Jelisavčić (Generation 2014/15) is a SEO & Content Marketing Assistant at Universal Robots A/S.

Stanko Lekić

These studies have enabled me to look more objectively at security topics that I deal with professionally. The motivating atmosphere in the studies and the enthusiasm of the lecturers created the best conditions for upgrading the knowledge and skills I needed. In the end, working in such an environment with experts from different security systems, I realized in which direction to go in my future work. 

Major Stanko Lekić (Generation 2007/2008) works in the Directorate for Strategic Planning, Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia.