Date: May 19, 2023
Pristina – The Centre for International Security’s Head, Professor Filip Ejdus, led an interactive session on negotiations and diplomacy focusing on the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue using Lego on May 17.
The unique session was part of the peacebuilding academy conducted by the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and Kosovar Centre for Security Studies. It was held in Pristina and attended by a diverse group of students from both Serbia and Kosovo.
By using LEGO bricks, prof. Ejdus showcased diplomacy and negotiation tactics in a simplified yet tangible way, stimulating creative and critical thinking among participants. This playful and interactive approach helped to shed light on the complex facets of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue.
The session was well received by participants who found the innovative teaching method refreshing and insightful. It reinforced the belief in the value of creative and experimental approaches to learning, especially in subjects as sensitive as peace and security studies.
The Serious Games Lab continues to pioneer novel and engaging methods of teaching, encouraging active participation and deeper understanding of security and peacebuilding matters among students across the region. Our unique approach epitomises this commitment and is a testament to the innovative spirit at the heart of the Centre for International Security.


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